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Sahih Bukhari Bangla DownloadSahih Bukhari is the collection of Hadith by Imam Bukhari which contain 7000+ Ahadith. All of the hadith are Sahih. Imam Bukhari collected these hadiths from the most reliable source. Most of the muslims think that Imam Bukhari is the  writer of  Bukhari Hadith. But TRULY It’s not RIGHT. Imam Bukhari took the hadith at his time  and collect hadith from the faithful muslims. He is just a compiler of hadith like Sheikh Nasiruddin Albani. Such as Sheikh Nasiruddin Albani took the Sunan At Tirmidhi which contain Sahih, Daeef i.e Week and Fabricated hadith.  And then he divided the book in two part. One is with only Sahih ahadith and another is Daeef and Fabricated hadith. Imam Bukhari just do the same job. He just only compile the Sahih hadith in his book. 

Download Sahih Bukhari Bangla Published by TAWDEED PUBLICATION
1st Part | 2nd Part | 3rd Part | 4th Part | 5th Part | 6th Part |

Download Sahih Bukhari Bangla Published by Islamic Foundation
1st Part | 2nd Part | 3rd Part | 4th Part | 5th Part |
6th Part | 7th Part | 8th Part | 9th Part | 10th Part|

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  1. Masud says:

    jajak allahu khairan

  2. bahauddin says:

    I need to study Islamic books.

  3. Badol says:

    Firstly special thanks to the authority.Then Earnest request to the authority to expand the offer.

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