Download Tirmidhi Hadith Software

Jami` al-Tirmidhi is one of the best contribution of  Imam Tirmidhi (824–892) for the Muslim Ummah although it’s contain some week and false hadiths. He was born in 209 A.H at the time of Abbasid Khalifa Ma’mun al-Rashid.  Just click upon the Image of the book and download free.


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2 Responses to “Download Tirmidhi Hadith Software”

  1. salman says:

    Assalam o alaikum,
    i downloaded tirmazi software but nothing is visible on window of hadith if i click any hadith from left panel. hw can i read hadith

    • mrti_mk says:

      Walaikum Assalam, At Double Click on the Software and make it Full Screen. There are a lot of Chapter Name like “BOOK OF HAJJ” “BOOK OF ZAKAH” etc. This is called Chapter. After clicking on anyone of this such as you click on BOOK of ZAKAH, then a lot of Hadith will visible under this chapter below. Just click one by one. If not solved then try this software in another computer. Allah Hafez.

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